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Which is better ? Between Vivo and Lenovo

 The battery life in all Lenovo phones are average and the standby battery draining is acute. Some of it's smartphones have no OS updates(Eg: Lenovo Vibe K5 note). But its User interface design and user experience are probably great. Moreover the budget of these phones comes under what you have in you hand. There are many specification you can find in various versions of Lenovo mobiles. But a main disadvantage is that you cannot find all of them in a single phone.

They are simply great and you cannot match lenovo's camera performance with this. It's simply awesome! But the battery life is average too. According to users..its a perfect phone who are fond of selfies and snaps! But at the same time there are consecutive new releases in this brand which means if you buy a vivo phone it will become an old or outdated model within a month or maybe a week too!! But I am sure that you can only get the high specifications with high cost. You can buy two lenovo phones for the price of a single high-end vivo mobile!.. If you have a budget under 10,000 I prefer Lenovo…but if the brand is your limit just go with the Vivo

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