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Rockfield Men's Blue Running Shoes

Rockfield Running Shoes for Men

"The right running shoe is one that feels like an extension of your body." One of the most common phrases that a runner will hear while buying shoes. Anyone who runs definitely needs a pair of jogging shoes to ensure a good grip and to make running comfortable.
Style and functionality are equally important. When buying a pair, it is important that you keep your needs and requirements in mind.


EVA is "rubber-like" in flexibility. The material is tough at low temperatures, resistant to cracks, and has waterproof properties as well. Due to it's properties, it is typically used as a shock absorber in sports shoes. The upper material is made of suede.


Running shoes need to be comfortable. Good running shoes will have shock-absorption properties. This reduces the risk of injury. Running shoes also need to be lightweight and responsive for speedwork but soft enough to handle long runs and half-marathon races.


The beautiful dark blue on this shoe was chosen for style and functionality. Running shoes can often get dirty, and you don't want to be worrying about dirtying your shoes when you should be running.

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