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Remove Files Placed in Multiple Folders

Let’s say you have a Folder B that contains references to a file placed in Folder A. If you move the Folder B to trash or if you remove the file from Folder B, the original file is deleted from the original Folder A as well. In such cases you may need to remove the placed file from Folder B before deleting the folder.

In Google Drive, select the file that is placed in multiple folders and open the activity sidebar. Here you’ll see a list of all folder that the file belongs to. All you need to do is click the little [x] symbol to remove that file from any folder in the list.

Add Files to Multiple Folders with Code

If you know Google Scripts, you can place a file or folder current folder into multiple folders using the Drive API as show below. [H/t David Scotts]
  1. function organizeFolders() {
  2. // Parent Folders
  3. var parentA = DriveApp.createFolder("Dad");
  4. var parentB = DriveApp.createFolder("Mom");
  5. // Child folder inside Parent Folder A
  6. var child = parentA.createFolder("Child");
  7. // Place Child Folder inside another Parent Folder B
  8. parentB.addFolder(child);
  9. }

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