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Father of Blogging Amit Agarwal’s Monthly Income Report

Amit Agarwal is one of the noted name on internet.Almost every blogger and webmaster knows about him and his achievements.For whom who don’t know about Amit this article is specially for them.

Amit Agarwal had completed his B tech in Computer Science from IIT Roorkee. After completion of his education he worked with many Multi National Companies like ADP,Goldman Sachs etc.In 2004 Amith Agarwal quit the job and started his blogging Career.At that time many of us even don’t know what is blogging and the potential of blogging.He was the one who made many of us to choose blogging to earn money online and share our knowledge.
That is why all the bloggers call him as “Father of Blogging” in INDIA.
He started Technology Blog called Digital Inspiration ( Amith Agarwal is the real inspiration for the bloggers who were already established and newbies who are willing to start a blog.For the last few months i have been following hundreds of blog to learn on page and Off page seo tactics.Most of the blog owners in their articles mentioned that Amit is the main inspiration for them in choosing blogging as career.One main factor which had created impact on bloggers to create a blog is “ Amit Agarwal monthly income report“.Of course till now he didn’t mention about how much he is earning from his blog.But with the traffic he is receiving (based on the Alexa rank and many other factors) we can expect how much he is earning from his technology blog digital inspiration.
One more thing i want to stress here is “Amit Agarwal is the sole reason for the success of his blog labnol and many other blogs”.
Coming to Amit Agarwal’s Monthly income,you will be surprised by seeing those figures.His main source of income is “GOOGLE ADSENSE”.
Amit is premium Google Adsense publisher.There are many extra features for Premium Publishers when compared to that of Standard adsense publisher.To become a premium publisher your blog should meet minimum requirements given by Adsense team.
Earning capacity of premium adsense publishers is high when compared with Standard publishers.

Digital Inspiration ( is one of the high traffic technology blog in the world.Its Alexa rank is around 2800.It gets 4 to 5 Million page views per month and its increasing day by day.
Monthly income of is around $30000 to $40000 i.e Approximately 15 Lakhs.Annual Income is around 2 Crores.
(These are approximate figures).
This figures are mainly responsible for many youngsters to choose their career as blogger instead of going for a job.

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