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Download WhatsApp Plus Latest Version For Android 2016

WhatsApp is the new tool for seamless and long conversations. In this article we bring to you information on WhatsApp plus download exclusive by Qd Tricks. WhatsApp plus latest version comes with amazing new features and you can avail these with the WhatsApp plus free download that we will talk about in this article further.
The world has become one hotbox of communication, sadly with less understanding and ability to listen and surprisingly with a higher ability to read and process. Hence it is no surprise that this era of communication and conversations is more over online chats and less over in person conversations.

Though, it will be naive to assume that the readers are unaware of WhatsApp but we have information for you which will add to your existing knowledge with the introduction of WhatsApp Plus. This article will tell you the amazing new whatsapp plus features and step by step procedure to download and install whatsapp plus apk.
WhatsApp Plus is yet unofficial and it is now Blue! Keep reading to explore what you can explore by the download WhatsApp plus. You can also check this dual whatsapp apk to use multiple whatsapp account in your android mobile.
WhatsApp plus is quite similar to the original official application that is bestowed with multiple features mentioned further in the article. WhatsApp plus latest version comes with features that are also similar to the original application. You can hide the online status, send large files, and also do more whatsapp tricks with the official application. WhatsApp plus apk free download is easy to download and can be installed in the device instantly in order to get many new features in the WhatsApp account.