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How to become Paytm Service Agent

How to Apply :
Want to earn some extra income on top of your regular income. Well you can do that by working as a service agent for the payment service company Paytm. The company is giving an opportunity to earn by becoming a Paytm Service Agent.
You can earn up to Rs 30000 per month or even more depending on your time and efforts taken to on-board as many merchants, the company says. More the number of merchants, more will be your income. You can become a Paytm service agent as a side business, not disturbing your main work. The job offers you freedom and flexibility to do the job, the company says.

Your first payout will be released after first 30 days, the company says adding that this is reserved with Paytm as a security deposit. After this, you will start receiving weekly payouts.    
You can work on your own terms or become a full-time agent.
Why Paytm?
The company claims to have the largest merchant base and is a preferred brand for "millions of small & large merchants in India" the company says.
What will you do? Once you become a Service agent, you will have an option of:
-- On-boarding shopkeepers for Paytm by placing a QR code at their shop
-- Up-selling products such as SoundBox, Card machines
-- Earn commission by recharging mobile phones, paying electricity bills, booking train, flight or hotel tickets for the customers
 Eligibility: You have to be 18 Years or above. Additional advantage will be if you have a prior sales experience and are comfortable with travelling.

You can also sign up for a webinar which is held every Monday and Thursday at 11 am and 5 pm respectively.
Documents required:
-- Copy of your Aadhaar Card
-- Copy of your highest educational certificate

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